Nurses Training and Professional Development

We work with Roald Dahl Specialist Nurses to be the best they can be. Through training, workshops and conferences their expertise grows and we improve patient care.

One of our core programmes is the training and professional development of Roald Dahl Specialist Nurses.

Nurses Conference
Roald Dahl Specialist Nursing

Currently we work with our nurses to support their training and professional development requirements, and we also hold workshops and conferences so that they can focus on improving key areas of their roles. We are grateful to the NHS Trusts involved for working with us on these opportunities.

Florence Nightingale Leadership Training

Between June 2022 and Feb 2023 seventeen Roald Dahl Nurses took part in the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership Programme. The leadership programme creates opportunities for nurses to explore and discover their leadership styles and develop the essential skills to be courageous and confident leaders. The leadership programme is a fantastic opportunity for nurses to learn from, support, and inspire one another. Read more about the Florence Nightingale Leadership programme in our blog.

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If you are a Roald Dahl Nurse looking for more information about our professional development offering, please get in touch.

Roald Dahl Nurse
Roald Dahl Nurse Specialists
Roald Dahl Nurse Specialists

There are over 120 Roald Dahl Nurses who care for over 33,000 seriously ill children across the UK.

Nursing conference

Through partnerships we work closely with our nurses to improve healthcare outcomes for children through innovation.

Roald Dahl Specialist Nurse
Marvellous Family Support Service
Marvellous Family Support Service

Our Marvellous Family Support Service helps families to access their benefit's entitlement and emotional support.