Help us build the very best in nursing care for seriously ill children and young people. Invest in our Roald Dahl Specialist Nurse Programme and make a world of difference.

Help us create a better life for thousands of children

For 30 years we have been pioneering specialist nursing posts in partnership with the NHS. Now more than ever, our incredible nurses are needed to ensure seriously ill children can live their best possible lives and families receive the emotional and practical support the need and deserve. Contact us to find out more about our Roald Dahl Specialist Nurses Programme and how you can help.

Roald Dahl Nurse wins award
Roald Dahl Specialist Nurses' make a big impact

Quality and experience of care

family centered

Holistic family-centered care


Efficiencies and cost-effectiveness


Leadership and innovation

Supporting our work through long term philanthropy is a way to ensure that seriously ill children can access the best care and support they need in key underfunded and under-resourced areas of the NHS. Find out more about the impact of our work below, and get in touch if you would like to invest in our work. Contact our Head of Fundraising, Tom Dixon, to find out more.

Roald Dahl Nurses
'Marvellous Nurses' - A Sheffield Hallam University Study
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Carter in a Wheelchair
Our impact on families - meet Carter and his family