Dressing Up Tips

Roald Dahl's characters come in all shapes and sizes, from spiders to giraffes, from Willy Wonka to the Giant Peach. Costumes can be as simple or elaborate as you like (or as time might allow).
Whether you have 10 days or 10 minutes, there are lots of options to create a splendiferous costume for the Roald Dahl Story Day Dress up.
Here are some of our favourite ideas including some easy peasy options for quick costumes.

The Big Friendly Giant from The BFG
Long trousers (green or grey are ideal), shirt, waistcoat.
Plus download our guide to making a pair of giant ears.

Sophie from The BFG (easy peasy)
Pink dress (or a nightie) and glasses. You could even make your very own dream jar.

Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach (easy peasy)
Black top and black leggings or trousers, stuff a couple of pairs of black tights with newspaper to create extra spider legs and drape around the neck or attach to a belt.

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The Enormous Crocodile from The Enormous Crocodile
Dress in a green outfit – t-shirt and trousers or leggings. To create the crocodile head use a cereal box painted green, or covered in green material or paper. Bubble wrap painted green covering the box makes a great scale effect. If you have lots of bubble wrap you could create a scaly cloak too! Use white card stuck to the cereal box for the crocodile's eyes and teeth.

Mr or Mrs Twit from The Twits (easy peasy)
Scruffy clothes, messy hair and a long warty nose for Mrs Twit (download our guide to making your Mrs Twit nose!), scruffy beard for Mr Twit.

Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Purple or dark red jacket (actually any vibrant colour will do!). Add a top hat and cane, and use some ribbon or a scarf to create a bow tie.

Roald Dahl Dress up guide

Golden Ticket from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Two large pieces of cardboard (or a cardboard box) attached together with two pieces of ribbon or string to form shoulder straps. Cover cardboard with gold paint, paper or a disposable gold table cloth. Write Wonka Golden Ticket in giant letters. This can then be worn over any normal clothes

Matilda Wormwood from Matilda (easy peasy)
Blue dress (actually any dress will do!), hairband and a pile of books.

Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (easy peasy)
Charlie wears old clothes - just jeans and an old t-shirt will do. Just remember to decorate a golden ticket and you'll look the part

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