Transition of Care

Transitional care is where a child will move from children's (paediatric) to adult services. These are two quite different services and it can lead to a time of anxiety and worry for young people. Transition starts in early teens and can continue to be supported until the patient is 25. Although transitioning young people into adult care will be part of all Roald Dahl Nurses roles, a transition specialist nurse will work solely on this area, creating pathways for the young person to follow as they move through the system and supporting them both from a medical and emotional standpoint.


#LettersToYoungerMe is an inspirational resource for young people who may be experiencing transition from children's to adult services or going through a challenging time. 
A host of celebrities, sportspeople and industry professionals with direct experience of lifelong illnesses and disabilities have written #LettersToYoungerMe to share the advice and support they would have given to their younger selves. 

A PDF of the collection is available here

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