Sir Quentin Blake

Sir Quentin Blake was a co founder of our charity and has been an incredible supporter over the last 30 years. We are so grateful for all of his support, and we have incredible illustrations from him specific to our vital cause - our red crocodile mascot Marvin, and Roald Dahl Nurses illustrated with the children they support.

In May 2022 we have launched our Do Something Marvellous Campaign that aims to raise £1m over the next 2 years to fund and establish 8 new crucial Roald Dahl Children's Nurses across the UK. Our lead image for this campaign was created by Sir Quentin in 2020 and depicts a Roald Dahl Nurse supporting a seriously ill child. You can see in the image that the child is smiling because of the care and support he is receiving. We also feature the Quentin Blake font as our lead type face to further the link between the campaign and Sir Quentin.

Quentin Blake artwork

This fantastic image was created by Sir Quentin Blake to celebrate the charity's work by Roald Dahl Nurses. The nurse and child on the left have been featured in our Do Something Marvellous Campaign, but the full image has our charity mascot Marvin in dispensing medicine.

Sir Quentin Blake is synonymous with Roald Dahl's work and we are delighted to have Roald Dahl Nurse's depicted by him. Supporting children's healthcare was very important to Roald Dahl, and it has been to Sir Quentin over the last 30 years. We should all celebrate Roald Dahl Nurses!

The look and feel of Do Something Marvellous

By featuring Sir Quentin Blake's Roald Dahl Nurse images in our campaign, we are linking the work of our organisation with Quentin Blake and, in turn, Roald Dahl. We have also done this by featuring the Roald Dahl ink spill, often seen on the famous Roald Dahl book covers. You can see it across our images and adverts and it brings colour and life to catch the eye and pique people's interest. We use these images with grateful thanks to the Roald Dahl Story Company who manage the licenses and legacy of Roald Dahl.

With the wording and rhyming of our Do Something Marvellous Campaign we have combined the spark and cheekiness of Roald Dahl with the very serious message of needing to support seriously ill children, young people and their families via Roald Dahl Nurses. We hope you like it and will get involved!

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